How to get help

The Dalton and LSDalton programs are distributed for free and without any guarantee of reliability, accuracy, or suitability for any particular purpose. No obligation to provide technical support is expressed or implied. As time allows, the developers will attempt to answer inquiries on the user forum or the Dalton and LSDalton GitLab source repository. For bug reports, specific and detailed information, with example inputs, would be appreciated.

Where should you post?


The documentation is also included with the distribution in Latex format.

Manuals for past versions


Please consult the user forum for useful tips, reporting errors and general discussions concerning Dalton.

PhD dissertations

PhD dissertations from LSDalton developers:

Old mailing list

Until the release of Dalton2013 November 2013, there were a mailing list available. The mailing list was meant as forum for exchange of experiences between users of the Dalton2011 programs. The mailing list is no longer supported, it has been replaced by the user forum.

A message archive of the postings to the mailing list from before the creation of the forum is still available to subscribers. You must login on in order to read the archives.