Dalton references

Any published work with results obtained with the Dalton or LSDalton program must include the citation:

K. Aidas, C. Angeli, K. L. Bak, V. Bakken, R. Bast, L. Boman, O. Christiansen, R. Cimiraglia, S. Coriani, P. Dahle, E. K. Dalskov, U. Ekström, T. Enevoldsen, J. J. Eriksen, P. Ettenhuber, B. Fernández, L. Ferrighi, H. Fliegl, L. Frediani, K. Hald, A. Halkier, C. Hättig, H. Heiberg, T. Helgaker, A. C. Hennum, H. Hettema, E. Hjertenæs, S. Høst, I.-M. Høyvik, M. F. Iozzi, B. Jansik, H. J. Aa. Jensen, D. Jonsson, P. Jørgensen, J. Kauczor, S. Kirpekar, T. Kjærgaard, W. Klopper, S. Knecht, R. Kobayashi, H. Koch, J. Kongsted, A. Krapp, K. Kristensen, A. Ligabue, O. B. Lutnæs, J. I. Melo, K. V. Mikkelsen, R. H. Myhre, C. Neiss, C. B. Nielsen, P. Norman, J. Olsen, J. M. H. Olsen, A. Osted, M. J. Packer, F. Pawlowski, T. B. Pedersen, P. F. Provasi, S. Reine, Z. Rinkevicius, T. A. Ruden, K. Ruud, V. Rybkin, P. Salek, C. C. M. Samson, A. Sánchez de Merás, T. Saue, S. P. A. Sauer, B. Schimmelpfennig, K. Sneskov, A. H. Steindal, K. O. Sylvester-Hvid, P. R. Taylor, A. M. Teale, E. I. Tellgren, D. P. Tew, A. J. Thorvaldsen, L. Thøgersen, O. Vahtras, M. A. Watson, D. J. D. Wilson, M. Ziolkowski, and H. Ågren, "The Dalton quantum chemistry program system", WIREs Comput. Mol. Sci. 2014, 4:269–284 (doi: 10.1002/wcms.1172).

and one or both of the following two citations as appropriate:

  • Dalton, a molecular electronic structure program, Release vAAAA.B (YYYY), see http://daltonprogram.org.
  • LSDalton, a linear scaling molecular electronic structure program, Release vAAAA.B (YYYY), see http://daltonprogram.org.

with vAAAA.B replaced by the major release and patch version used (e.g. v2016.2) and YYYY replaced with the publication year (e.g. 2017).

The article is "open access" and can be obtained from the publisher. Bibtex and other reference formats for the citation can also be obtained from the publisher. For your convenience, the citation in bibtex format can also be obtained here.

In addition, when certain unique features of Dalton/LSDalton are used in published work, we ask you also to cite the papers that describe their implementation, as indicated in the manual. As we distribute the codes for free, the "payment" we ask for is proper recognition of our work through your citations.